The ninth conference
El Jadida/Marrakech, Morocco 20-24 March 2018
The ninth conference
El Jadida/Marrakech, Morocco 20-24 March 2018

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The objectives and purposes for which the Association is constituted are to :

Promote the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of geosciences ;

Disseminate information on scientific and technical research and discoveries and promote public understanding of the role of geosciences in Africa’s development ;

Establish and maintain relations between African scientists and the international scientific community ;

Provide a forum for discussion and cooperation in geosciences and other related professions in Africa ;

Assist African governments in the quest for capacity building in geosciences and its applications ;

Cooperate with relevant African governments in the formulation of policies and programme designed to encourage the development and application of geosciences for Africa’s development ;

Publish and distribute a bulletin and/or other publications in the field of geosciences development in Africa ;

Organize conferences, seminars, symposia, training courses and workshops in various areas of geosciences ;

Highlight and seek solutions to problems faced specifically by women and grassroots communities in Africa in the area of geosciences ;

Encourage and mobilize support for education, training and research in order to assist African women in their acquisition of specialized skills for leadership in geosciences ;

Identify, promote and advise on the importance and preservation of geological sites in Africa in collaboration with other stakeholders ;

Undertake all such other activities as may be consistent with the objective of the Associati

Affiliations and Agreements

The African Geoparks Network
The International Association for Promoting Geoethics
Associação Angolana de Mulheres EM Geociências
Tunisian Association of Women Geoscientists